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If you like birds, this tri-state region is one of the best places to visit, or even better, to LIVE in.  And the great thing about birds is that you can enjoy them at all levels of involvement. 

You can sit in your MOST comfortable chair, sipping coffee with a bird book in your lap, and look at busy feeders outside your window even (especially) if it is sub-zero temps (AND you can also brag that you are helping birds survive with your bulging feeders chock full of seed, nuts and suet).  Alternatively you can tramp through muddy flats to get close enough to open areas of water to find those early returning migrant ducks as winter breaks up.  AND that’s just the winter and spring.  It doesn’t even begin to describe the fun in hiking into areas to find those elusive warblers which are, even as I write, nesting not far from YOUR backyard.  

SO, start off with the knowledge that these birds are yours to enjoy whenever you want just by opening your eyes (binoculars make it even better) and your ears (Mozart could learn a few things from songsters like the Hermit Thrush) to what is HERE!

AND, Dubuque Audubon Society is the organization to help you do that.  Birders come in all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness and even age.  Some people who join us just like the programs which aren’t stuffy bird education lectures – none of that “count the primary feathers and note the variation in color refraction” etc. etc. ad nauseum!  We have lots of different speakers with lots of topics so there is something for virtually everyone.  

And some people join us for the bird counts and the field trips.  Even those have different levels of participation.  At the Spring Bird Count, for example, there were the crafty among us who started out with a nice leisurely stroll through Eagle Point Park. Then we meandered down the path at John Deere Dike.  And of course we had to stop for lunch. Then we drove to Wisconsin and did some of that in-car birding where you discover just how good a duck-blind your car actually is. Up against that was the group of power birders who were up at dawn and didn’t stop until we ended up at Swiss Valley for brats and the final bird tally!  So you see – you can tailor your birding to your interest and activity level! 

What else can I say to entice you to drop by and see what we are all about.  Oh YES, I almost forgot. We have cookies and coffee (not just any coffee – but Audubon coffee) at every meeting. 

Now, aren’t you happy that you happened on this website? Join us soon and in the meantime, remember it’s a great time of year to be a birder – ALWAYS!

January 8, 2011 - The Dubuque Audubon Society recently received a grant from the Mystique Casino/Dubuque Racing Association. The grant was for the amount of $1200. The funds have been used to purchase new equipment and materials to create two educational trunks. These trunks will contain field identification books, animal tracks, furs, magnifying lenses, and other materials and information about the natural resources. The trunks have been set up to accommodate groups up to 24 individuals. Educators will be able to borrow the trunks to be used in traditional and nontraditional classroom settings. One trunk will be stored at the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center at the Mines of Spain Recreation Area and the other trunk will be stored at the Swiss Valley Nature Center, a facility of the Dubuque County Conservation Board. The trunks can be reserved by calling the E. B. Lyons Interpretive Center (Wayne Buchholtz) at 563-556-0620 or Swiss Valley Nature Center (Jenny Ammon) at 563-556-6745. The trunks will be loaned out at no costs. The Dubuque Audubon Society continues to assist in providing educational and interpretive programs to the public and schools.

For more information on this press release contact the park office at 556-0620
Wayne Buchholtz/Park Ranger or Jenny Ammon/Dubuque County Naturalist at 556-6745

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