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Audubon Premium Coffee

Audubon Premium Shade CoffeeAudubon Premium Shade Grown Coffee is the official coffee of the National Audubon Society.  It is available at local chapter meetings and events sponsored by the Dubuque Audubon Society (DAS) or at the gift shop of the EB Lyons Center at the Mines of Spain or at Swiss Valley Nature Center.  You can also order coffee from DAS member, Nick Courtney, by mailing

Audubon Premium Shade Grown Coffee is available in three roasts:  Breakfast Blend in regular or decaf, French Roast in regular, or Rainforest Blend in regular .  All roasts come in Whole Bean or Ground.

When you buy Audubon Premium Shade Grown Coffee, you are protecting tropical, migratory bird habitats from deforestation.  Shade grown coffee beans also yield a more complex and flavorful cup than non-shade grown coffees.  Audubon Coffee is also 100% organic which makes for a healthier water supply and soils for the people and wildlife living and working in coffee-farming communities.

Finally, Audubon Premium Shade Grown Coffee is “Fairly Traded” and socially responsible.  Workers are paid at above market prices on long term contracts.  Also hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on health, nutrition, and educational programs as well as on building schools and medical clinics in partner farming communities.

Order coffee from DAS member, Nick Courtney by emailing
For more information on Audubon Coffee, link to the website: