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The Latest Bird Sightings

Have you seen a bird that you would like to tell eveyone about? Please email and we will post the information here. Photos are also welcome.
Please tell us the following info:
- Date of sighting and time of day
- Place of sighting (eg near Hazel Green on Hwy X)
- Type of habitat (eg.  heavy woods, fence post in meadow, Sunfish Lake on Mississippi River, etc)
- Name of bird(s)  or "Mystery Bird" designation with photo and/or descriiption 
- Photo if possible
- Photographer or person(s) sighting the bird(s)
- Any other pertinent information.


February 4, 2018
Sighting by Craig & Olivia Kruse, and Maggie O'Connell
This Ross Goose was seen at the Detention Basin on 16th St.
Ross Goose

October 16, 2014
Sighting by Craig & Olivia Kruse, and Dave Shieler
This Snow Egret was seen at the Little Maquoketa River Delta.
Snowy Egret

February 19, 2012
Sighting by Robert Beebe
Robert has see these two a lot at his suet feeder. They are both fun to watch. The one with the blue looks like he slides down the tree to get to the suet. They are a Nuthatch and Hairy Woodpecker.
Spring birds   Spring bird

February 19, 2012
Sighting by Annette Huizenga
On Sunday morning, my husband and I saw a northern shrike sitting on posts along Rt 52 south of St Donatus, north of 335th St. The same day, we also saw a rough-legged hawk at Green Island Refuge.

January 22, 2012
Brown thrashers are not typical winter residents of Iowa, that is what makes this sighting so exciting. Mr. Beebe photographed this bird at his home near Mud Lake.
Busy Bird

January 20, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Mari Wolter sawthe bluebirds at the feeder four miles east of Balltown, Iowa near Mississippi River. They were perched on sunflower stalks along fence line behind row of Redosier Dogwoods.
Snow birds    snow birds

October 10, 2011
Jenny Ammon of Dubuque Audubon Society says there was a snow bunting sighted along McAndrews road south of the Monastery.

June 3, 2011
On Friday, 3 June 2011 at about 9:30 a.m. a Yellow-billed Cuckoo landed about 12 feet up in a young walnut tree. This was in the backyard of Richard Fischer, at 656 Molony Road, Bernard, IA. It flew off to the east and was lost in the dense foliage about 220 yards away. My guess is that it flew up out of the ravine west of my place and headed for the ravine that empties into the Lytell creek about 3/4 of a mile east of my place. I may have heard it about 6:20 p.m. or so back in the east ravine. (A Yellow-billed Cuckoo) was last seen on the land on September 25, 2008.
yellow billed cuckoo

April 26, 2011
Joe Tollari and Dave Fisher spotted five HORNED GREBES in breeding plumage on April 26, 2011 just off the boat ramp at AY McDonald Park in Dubuque. Horned Grebes are migrating through to their nesting grounds in Canada and the Northwest Territories.
horned grebe

February 4, 2011
 Bluebirds in Winter. Judy Clees took this photo of what appears to be a male bluebird on February 4, 2011  in Balltown, Iowa.  Judy was surprised to see a flock of these colorful birds in winter with snow all around!
Winter Blue Bird

January 29, 2011
Jo Sabers took this phot of a Fox Sparrow which visited her deck in Peosta, IA a number of times in January, 2011.
Fox Sparrow

July 9, 2010
Charlie Winterwood notes a Iowa DNR WildlifeDiversity News article (Summer, 2010) where an "unidentified pair" of peregrine falcons have been spotted at the Wisconsin-Dubuque Bridge "defending a territory from intruders."  Charlie also mentions that Bob Walton has spotted a peregrine male at the bridge twice.

May 12, 2010
This photo of a White Crowned Sparrow was submitted by Dick Nelson in Charles City, IA.
He spotted it outside the window of his office.
White Crowned Sparrow

April 9, 2010
Sighting by Dave and Pat Fisher
We observed many birds at Sunfish Lake on the Mississippi including the newly arrived Yellow Rumped Warblers, Phoebes, and Bluebirds.
There was also a Red Headed Woodpecker. Dave observed one in January. It was a beautifully sunny day, 58 F. But it seemed warmer. The trees are budding out.

January 10, 2010
Sighting by Dave and Pat Fisher
While wandering around the county roads just north of Menomonee, IL, we turned onto a road west of town called "Main Street."  We came across a plowed farm field with freshly spread manure with a dozen or more Horned Larks and Lapland Longspurs feeding in the field next to the road. It was quite cold (single digits)and windy, but these small pretty birds went about their business being most familiar with the chill winds of Hudson Bay and even further north."

December 24 , 2009
Sighting by Frank & Barb Strathman
" I never have seen the Brown-headed Nuthatch before. That's what caught my eye. Our feeders are about 5 or 6 feet from our kitchen's bow window.  Had a great view, and the photo in the Audubon bird book (plate 356) was identical to the 1st bird I saw (my wife didn't see this bird).  Couldn't hear its call because of the window blocking sound. Two days later I saw what I think was a Brown-headed Nuthatch male on the same feeder (and my wife saw it too).  This bird looked more like our White-breasted Nuthatch only coloration of its head was definitely brown (instead of black like the White-breasted Nuthatch).  Haven't seen another sighting since.  We had perfect views since the feeders are about 5 - 6 feet from where we were standing.

Yes we have conifer trees (about 30 on the opposite side of our house).  The Mississippi River is about a stones throw from our house.  The parks at Bellevue are to our West (across Hwy 52).  Lots of woodland.

October 25, 2009
Charlie Winterwood, DAS member saw a Winter Wren near balanced rock at Maquoketa Caves State park. He also saw a Dark Phase Rough-legged Hawk-Hwy 61 between Andrew and Otter Creek turnoffs.

October 2009
Sighting by Larry O'Neal, Rockford, IL
T this is the farthest north  this Mississippi Kite has been seen in the Midwest. This photo was taken in a residential area of Rockford.  A pair nested in this area and raised one chick.  As far as I know birds left around two or three weeks ago, heading south.  For your information, around 225,00 kites are counted each year at Cardel, a small town around 25 miles north of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Larry O'Neal Rockford, IL

Mississippi Kite

September 16, 2009
This hawk nested in the little woods behind our house and raised their young ones there. We live  right in town and 30 years ago I planted a grove of trees on the north side of our house. This is also where I saw the ovenbird (pictured below). A couple of years ago I also saw a Verry here.  Bob and Nita came over an identified him. Reggie Polfer
Coopers Hawk

August , 2009
An oven bird was seen, that is often heard in the woods but rarely seen. This photo was taken by Reggie Polfer.
Oven Bird