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  Dubuque Audubon Society
P.O. Box 3174
Dubuque, IA 52004-3174


About the Audubon Society

Tree Swallow's NestThe mission of the Dubuque Audubon Society is to provide educational opportunities to the people of the tri-state area and to preserve the natural habitat of birds and other wildlife.

Dubuque Audubon Society is an official chapter of National Audubon Society since 1970.

We have 400 members from Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month from September through May.  Interesting speakers at each meeting cover bird watching, nature and environmental topics.  The monthly meetings are held at EB Lyons interpretive Center, 8991 Bellevue Heights, Dubuque, IA.

A newsletter is published 9 times per year, September through June.

A Christmas and Spring Bird Count is held each year, along with field trips.  DAS is a major sponsor and organizer of the Annual Bald Eagle Watch which is held in Dubuque.

September 15, 2011 - Audubon Receives DRA Grant for Wetland Bird Diorama - Jenny L. Ammonis very pleased to announce that Dubuque Audubon is the proud recipient of the 2011 DRA grant.  A Wetland Bird Diorama at Swiss Valley Nature Center will be constructed with the grant money.  The goal of the project is to provide an accessible wetland display for all ages.  Wetlands are an undeniable asset to our landscape, this diorama will explain the importance of wetlands as filters of pollution, how they provide habitat and biodiversity to wildlife, migration feeding/resting sites for birds, and serve as a beautiful place for outdoor enjoyment. Audubon provides education through programs, donations, and field outings; but by far the most impact the group has is their passion for educating the public on the importance of good habitat for wildlife…especially birds.  We are so excited to continue the tradition of education through this wetland bird display. 

Contacts have been made with Dolphin Cabinets and River City Murals to get work started on the second floor of the Swiss Valley Nature Center.  You can look for the display to be ‘under construction’ this summer!  Thank you DRA/Mystique Casino for your generous gift!

January 8, 2011 - The Dubuque Audubon Society recently received a grant from the Mystique Casino/Dubuque Racing Association. The grant was for the amount of $1200. The funds have been used to purchase new equipment and materials to create two educational trunks. These trunks will contain field identification books, animal tracks, furs, magnifying lenses, and other materials and information about the natural resources. The trunks have been set up to accommodate groups up to 24 individuals. Educators will be able to borrow the trunks to be used in traditional and nontraditional classroom settings. One trunk will be stored at the E.B. Lyons Interpretive Center at the Mines of Spain Recreation Area and the other trunk will be stored at the Swiss Valley Nature Center, a facility of the Dubuque County Conservation Board. The trunks can be reserved by calling the E. B. Lyons Interpretive Center (Wayne Buchholtz) at 563-556-0620 or Swiss Valley Nature Center (Jenny Ammon) at 563-556-6745. The trunks will be loaned out at no costs. The Dubuque Audubon Society continues to assist in providing educational and interpretive programs to the public and schools.

For more information on this press release contact the park office at 556-0620, Wayne Buchholtz/Park Ranger or Jenny Ammon/Dubuque County Naturalist at 556-6745

Dubuque Audubon Society Community Involvement

  • Helps plan and organize the Eagle Watch each year
  • Contributed to the contruction of the raptor rehabilitation structure at Swiss Valley
  • Secured a DRA grant to purcase 2 educational trunks that will be loaned out to area schools and organizations for educaional programs
  • Made a donation to the Whitewater Canyon Purchase
  • Made a donation to the Mines of Spain Nature Center Addition
  • Adopted a baby osprey for the Osprey Reintroduction Program at Mud Lake
  • Contributed to the purchase of the osprey web cam at Mud Lake for the viewing of the osprey chicks
  • Secured a grant to purchase prairie seeds for Camp Klaus Boy Scout Camp.
  • Secured a grant for the purchase and planting of prairie seeds and trees at Whitewater Canyon
  • Secured DRA Grant for the placement of a permanent spotting scope at Mines of Spain
  • Sponsored and hosted the Upper Midwest Audubon Conference in October 2008